How much is trip to north korea price

In contrast with  shyness  about prices or concerns about poorly-made itinerary of some people, many tourists including Vietnamese tourists bought North Korean tours from the early days of Vietnamese travel companies introducing the tour to this country. Therefore, we believe there will be many readers who want to find out about the trip to this country, including the cost of the trip.
Popular tourist areas in North Korea
The capital of this country called Pyongyang is a place where you can not  miss when visiting North Korea. It is impressed by many large monuments, high-rise buildings and spacious streets. Unlike the visualization of tourists, Pyongyang also has restaurants that serve Western-style food and drinks. In the image is a monument to the two leaders Kim Nhat Thanh and Kim Jong-il on Mansudae hill square.
The Paektu mountain region is said to be the place where North Korean leaders were born, this is the highest peak of the North Korean peninsula with 2,744 m above sea level. This mountain also appears in the mosaic behind the statue of two Korean leaders (Figure 1). Many Koreans regularly go to Mount Paektu, but from China. Moon Jae-in is the first Korean president to visit Mount Paektu on Korean territory during the third inter-Korean conference.
Myohyang Mountain is famous for the 1,000-year-old Korean Buddhist temple and this is  also the impressive tourist area. Pohyon Pagoda was built in the early 11th century and underwent many restoration works due to the devastating war. In front of the main hall of Taeung temple is the 13-storey Sokka stupa. The tower was built in the 14th century and is recognized by the North Korean government as a national treasure of 144.
Mount Kumgang is considered the most beautiful mountain range in this mysterious country. The resort here is where the reunions of the people of North Korea take place, Kumgang Mountain is 1,638 m high, made up of solid, large marble blocks.
Chilbo mountain area in northern  North Korea, and it is a wild area with impressive natural beauty. The visit of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il marks the beginning of homestay service in Chilbo Mountain. The house number 16, where Kim Jong-il stayed for 2 nights, became a homestay destination attracting foreign visitors in the village of Chilbo mountain.
How much does trip to north korea cost?
Tour price will be the information that tourist need to find out within the preparation periods. In fact, you can not find out the exact price because there are many types of North Korea tour providing by many travel agencies therefore you should decide the North Korea tour first then ask  traveling company about trip to north korea price. Commonly, traveling companies public tour price in their website, but sometimes you should ask the counselors about the price in order to estimate the most exact number of money which you will spend on North Korea tour. Spending time visiting North Korea is not  extraordinary because you will have the chance to extract mysterious part of the world.