China must continue to demand the end of the Dog Meat Trade

China must continue to demand the end of the Dog Meat Trade. Poor dogs in this vile trade is like PIGS in the meat trade in the USA by Smithfield which is a Chinese company. Yet modern China does want to end this vile torture trade of dogs and cats. Thanks to Marc Ching / Valarie Ianniello of The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation for offering a platfom for us to raise some of the $38,000 medical bills for the now 80 intensive care dogs; while all others still have much external wounds from days in the cages, traveling in 90 degree whether.
Thanks to John Sessa of Vanderpump Dogs for hearing my and the dogs cry for help, delivered medicine in person for the suffering dogs….
They are not free because they are still in cages. Their eyes are crying out for freedom, for a chance to life! These dogs are objectified much like the dogs in Puppy Mills here in the USA yet these dogs get tortured before eaten.
Please watch, share, donate for a last push for these dogs that still not fully out of danger; not fully saved, not finding a forever loving home, may never but give a chance world!
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Specify Honoree: Yulin 1200!
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